Worms League

Worms League
ESL #1 Alt-F4 ending in 41 days

Worms League is a multi-purpose rental ladder.
It’s proudly hosting Experimental Schemes League for its inaugural season.

Do you want to host a ladder here? Reach out to me.

Please read the full information about the Alt-F4 scheme: worms2d.info/Alt-F4

6 worms per player
Best of three by default (best of one or best of five by agreement)
Maps: Island

Each worm is only allowed to use weapons from the weapon panel row it is named after (including F12 for Select Worm and Freeze) and anything from the F8 row and any utility. If you accidentally break this rule, the punishment for it is skip-going on your following turn. If you break a rule on final winning turn, you lose the round. If you do it twice, you lose the round.

Each player is only allowed at most one of any particular F-key on their team—no duplicates.

If you have any questions, please contact our Discord channel or the TUS forum board.

Register and report your games under the menu at the top right (when you’re logged in). It’s enough to upload the relevant replays and select the opponent. The system is hopefully smart enough to find the winner in each replay.
If you find bugs, there’s also an entry “Bug” in that menu where you can report them. Thanks.