Worms League

Worms League
ESL #2 One Of Everything
Ladder Gold vesuvio Silver Zwitter Bronze FoxHound
Playoffs Gold Zwitter Silver Kayz Bronze vesuvio
Zemke on Jan. 12 at 20:35
Nice season! \o/
Zemke on Jan. 12 at 20:35
Yeah, let’s see what the plans are.
Kayz on Jan. 12 at 17:42
vesuvio on Jan. 12 at 16:32
I think some other players and me liked the 1oE very much.. could be nice to make it a resisting scheme in this league ! because its not in TUS
Zemke on Dec. 17 at 20:35
Well, TUS also sometimes does Intermediate league.
vesuvio on Dec. 14 at 15:33
Elite was ok. intermediate is nonsense cause of ONL also t17 is very silly because of TUS. The best was if you start a new 1oE Season . I really enjoyed it and i luv the scheme! kayz said so too
Zemke on Dec. 8 at 22:04
Aw, Kayz, come on.
vesuvio on Dec. 4 at 18:41
kayz said he was tied of waiting because he asked me weeks ago to play! i should take tech win he sais ! =(
Zemke on Nov. 28 at 20:32
The ranking system is open source and documented: https://github.com/Zemke/relrank
Zemke on Nov. 13 at 07:24
Zemke on Nov. 3 at 14:00
I think maybe an Elite season could be interesting. Maybe Team17 or Intermediate. Or all of them together.
Lupastic on Nov. 3 at 01:44
close this, let's go to TUS, sadly that's the only site that can offer more activity and players. if u have more scheme ideas for the future, host'em as TUS tournaments or cups, that will work out better (:
Zemke on Oct. 30 at 09:30
Should we have playoffs? I don’t know what’s SIBASA’s plan.
vesuvio on Oct. 29 at 12:18
can you just extend the 1oE league and make other leagues too ? so that players can build up ranks in 1oE and other schemes !!! good idear ? so that ESL could have more than 1scheme with a remaining ladder !
vesuvio on Oct. 29 at 08:03
you can extend it 2months. 1oE is very fine =)
Zemke on Oct. 20 at 11:09
Season has been extended by SIBASA.
Zemke on Oct. 17 at 13:46
Winners are now attributed in the Archive: https://wl.zemke.io/archive
Zemke on Oct. 17 at 13:46
Playoffs of the ESL #1 Alt-F4 are now available here: https://wl.zemke.io/archive/1?tab=playoffs
Lupastic on Sep. 26 at 13:07
anyone wants to play? message me in AG, snooper. I'd prefer the glitchless one
Zemke on Sep. 24 at 20:01
Fixed replay processing of game scores.
vesuvio on Sep. 19 at 16:51
hi kirill :O
SIBASA on Sep. 19 at 16:06
Hi Kirill, welcome to the league!
Kirill-Gamer on Sep. 19 at 15:58
Zemke on Sep. 19 at 11:36
Lupastic on Sep. 19 at 11:23
thank you for your account activation email Florian, LubeAssDick is here : ] arrived for a weaker version of one of everything scheme - league
Zemke on Sep. 19 at 08:26
SIBASA on Sep. 19 at 07:27
ESL Season 2 starts with the One Of Everything scheme
Zemke on Sep. 7 at 10:33
Congratz to the medalists!
SIBASA on Sep. 6 at 07:41
8 players moved to the playoffs, of which the finalists were: Kayz (Gold), Dream (Silver), KRD (Bronze).
KRD on Aug. 26 at 19:43
There's a shoutbox!
Zemke on Aug. 26 at 16:53
ESL #1 ladder has ended. Follow up in Discord for the playoffs. Thank you for your participation everyone! I very much liked the inaugural season of Worms League as well as ESL.
Zemke on Aug. 26 at 16:52
Here's a beautiful shoutbox now. You can enter an @ sign to write private messages as well.


ESL Season 2 starts with the One Of Everything scheme

Read a detailed description, strategy and history of the scheme here: worms2d.info page

- Download the One Of Everything scheme:

Players are given two similar schemes to choose from, which differ only in that one has glitches enabled (original) and the other disabled (modified):

  1. Original (Glitches enabled) by default - Link
  2. Modified (Glitches disabled) by agreement - Link

Mode: Best of 5 (up to 3 wins) \ 8 worms per player

Map: Any open island map

Rules: No rules


End of season: October 29

If you plan to participate in the league, then you first need to register on the site in order to appear in the standings and send reports.

If you have any questions, please contact our Discord-channel or the TUS forum board

Disconnection rules for the One of Everything scheme:

Disconnection during a league match is always bad, especially in schemes with anti-stockpiling enabled, so try to avoid such cases, but if it does happen, then try to peacefully resolve this problem by mutual agreement, and our drafted rules can help you in this.

Main method:

  1. If the disconnect happened in the first round, then start again with a score of 0-0.
  2. If the disconnect happened in the second or more rounds, then start again with a score of 1-0, where 0 is the one who disconnected. Or start again with a score of 0-0 with the consent of both players.
  3. Second disconnect - loss of the match. Or follow step 2 if both players agree.
  4. Use an alternative method if both players agree.

Before you read the alternative methods, please note that they have one small disadvantage - both players will know exactly the remaining arsenal of each other at the time they resume the game, and they are more time consuming, but if both players are ready for it - then go for it .

Alternative method:

  1. Open a replay and write down / memorize the weapons you used before the disconnect and play one "technical" round in which everyone should simply "dropped" all the weapons used, thereby bringing their arsenal to the state it was in before the disconnect. Then surrender and start the correct round by continuing the match.

  2. Open the replay and write down / memorize the weapon you used before the disconnect and start playing, pretending that you don't have this weapon. If you make a mistake and use the weapon again, you lose the round. Or start playing again with the consent of both players.